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We do WOW. We are Delhi based wedding planners, and event Decorators who create and manage Indian and destination weddings, and big occasion events.

Wedding Planners in Delhi

Wedding is an occasion that every bride and groom awaits all their life. While a wedding in itself is a charming experience, there is a lot that goes into making it a successful event. Besides, it is also one of the most confusing times wherein from fixing the venue to food, arranging for invites, guest management, there happens to be a load of work to complete. We at Allure event & weddings are here to provide you with a helping hand in turning your wedding event the talk of the town.

We at Allure event & weddings are noted wedding planners in Delhi, backed by an excellent team who assist through the entire process of wedding and events preceding it. We understand the hectic schedule and the need to meet the deadline. Hence, we present the ultimate platform as the best wedding planners in Delhi to arrange your wedding function with us.

Why Choose Us?

Allure event & weddings takes the complete onus of the wedding right from ideating every function, guest management, decoration as well as food. All these that perfectly fit your budget costs. Thus, you can spend your time hassle-free enjoying the function, while we ensure everything is arranged impeccably giving utmost importance to detail.

Our services Ideate your wedding with us

Each individual has a unique idea about how they would want their wedding to be. From royal wedding to exotic destination wedding, beachside wedding to the big fat Indian wedding, we arrange all. Are you confused about which wedding style to pick? Or which theme to opt for? As renowned wedding planners in Delhi, we will help in turning your wedding into an ultimate epitome of a big fat Indian wedding with complete pomp and show. Our team of experts will run you through a myriad of perfect theme that fit your requirement and a countless option of the location to choose from.

Atithi Devo Bhava

India is a country that is looked up for its rich values or traditions. The tradition of treating our guests as god presenting them complete comfort is something we at Allure Wedding & Events truly believe in. Your guests are our guests and we ensure that they feel welcome and have ultimate time without hassle.

Decoration and Venue Design

Our team of wedding planners in Delhi comprises of professionals who hold expertise in arranging weddings in a different theme. Our decorations will surely make your guests go wow on entering the venue. Besides, we give complete importance to every minute details and ensure they are carried out with perfection. From lighting to the seating arrangement, we promise to present an ambience enamoured with beauty and perfection.

Plan your wedding under budget

Weddings are a one-time occasion and hence everyone wishes it to be a picture of perfection. However, spending every single penny is not recommended. But with us at Allure Wedding & Events care about your finance and hence ensure to save wherever we can and bring in the best on the platter that too keeping in mind the budget.
Marriage is a lifetime event. Though the function may last for a day or two, the memories made, fun and joy will last forever!

Let us together; Let us make your special day perfect!

We at ALLURE EVENTS & WEDDINGS believe that the keys to successful wedding, honeymoon planning include organization, prioritization,Hotel Booking,fire works, execution and wedding gifts. We are high end designer wedding planners and Decorators who can help you with your entire event or select wedding events like just the reception, engagement,Moon entry theme,Mandir theme or the Mehndi function.Over 10 years of Wedding planning experience more than 200 happy Indian couples and still counting.You are now at right place to get Grand wedding themes, Mehndi & wedding decorations within your budget ! Wedding parties tips & arrangement in your finger tips, corporate wedding Management Company. Enjoy the taste of pure entertainment.

Wedding Decorators in Delhi

ALLURE EVENTS & WEDDINGS offers varieties of different styles of stage decorations, chair decorations for the brides and the grooms, decoration of the mandap where the marriage ceremony will take place, decoration of the venue. The Wedding Decorators in Delhi take good care of the requirement of the clients and use decoration techniques that match the personality of the bride and groom. The decoration is arranged according to the theme of the wedding. A special decorating arrangement is done for decorating the place where the varmala takes place. Proper lighting arrangement to give the entire venue a divine look is taken care of. At Allure Event India we try to make your wedding a dream wedding.



ALLURE EVENTS & WEDDINGS PVT LTD is a pioneer event management company that offers a new approach to venue and facility management. Our experienced team has the perfect expertise to manage your venues to make your events successful. Success is achieved through proven management methodologies to get maximum results. We value , client relationships and customer service.Based on this approach we strive to give the best to our clients i:e superior service and complete satisfaction.

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Wedding Designer Invitations

A fabulous invitation is always the life of the party. The most glamorous way to invite is to send the most unexpected invite. We at Famous Wedding Planners in Delhi take this philosophy forward and bring you the most designer invitations you have ever seen. Personalisation gives our invites a personality, so they are like works of art. We believe that every legendary party begins with an unforgettable invite and we specialize in that.

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theme wedding in delhi

Allure Event makes your theme wedding truly spectacular. We design, create and co-ordinate theme weddings. We make each wedding unique and different from others according to the theme. We ensure superior service for our esteemed clients. We manifest your ideas, style and use our creativity to make your wedding trendy, glamorous and grand and the way you like it. We strive to be the best at what we do.

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Catering in delhi

Allure Events brings you an exclusive catering service for your event that will have your guests asking for more. We offer exquisite menu, as per your taste and cook it with innovative style and the freshest ingredients. We offer a wide range of menu for you to choose from, each flavour cooked to perfection.Your event will become a dining experience for your guests with utterly authentic cooking and marvellous catering service.

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Ladies Sangeet

Allure Event is an outstanding event management company that crafts all your requirements which includes the ladies sangeet ceremony. We deliver high quality and unforgettable experience for your ladies sangeet. We are known for our creativity and style and will make your sangeet ceremony exclusive and magical. We arrange the best artists who bring alive any ceremony. We are a team of professional event planners and can transform your sangeet ceremony into an occasion your guests and you will remember for a long time.

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Mehndi Night

Indian wedding celebrations include a number of pre wedding functions such as mehndi night. We help you in organizing all your pre-wedding functions and celebrations so that you don't miss out on the smallest of details. We bring to your mehndi night unique themes, incredible décor, delectable food and loads of entertainment. Our professional approach ensures unparalleled results and maximum value for your money.

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Photography And Video

Your events are your best experiences. We ensure they become part of your memories by capturing them into photographs and videos so that you can relive and enjoy them for years to come. Our goal is simply to capture the priceless moments in life to cherish and share. Our professional team has an eye for composure, the best equipment and deliver outstanding photos and videos that truly capture the moment. Trust us for your photography and video requirements and we will give you great memories to enjoy and remember.

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Baraat Band

We bring you our unique service of a Baraat band for your wedding. Our band members bring soul and energy to your ceremony manifesting joy and cheer with every tune they play. We are a professional team, constantly improvising to give you the best. Our band services will make your event very stylish and elite, yet traditional and your guests will definitely have a blast dancing to our bands tunes.

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Music is in the air where entertainment event is being organized. To reinforce you wedding's theme songs are essential to charge the environment during cocktails to set the mood for dancing during ceremony, to encourage talking during dinning. Our concern can handle these points of your music planning after discussing with you. We strongly believe in the power of music. And we understand, the tone you set with music is one of the finest ways to personalize your wedding function. This music may be provided by a live band, Belly Dancers, DJ, some artist group or a combination of these. Our department, specially linked to musicians will take care of your taste and feelings.

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wedding planners in delhi

We offer our stylish and sophisticated trousseau packing services for your wedding. We specialize in presenting you the best wedding gift ideas and gift presentations which will be cherished for years. We offer innovative solutions for your trousseau packing. Our wrappings help you convey your emotions carefully embalmed in aesthetic decorations. We create a balance between modern packing ideas and traditional mode of packing, so that it combines Indo-Western style and customs in a beautiful package.

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wedding planners

Marriage is the only occasion when bride is in the state 'I am ready for my close-up'. The day when every bride want to be her most radiant self. The key of success on that day lies in your makeup. Makeup should be such that it will brings out your best without overshadowing one's natural beauty and features. Bridal makeup must be done with utmost care and safety while considering every beauty aspect of bride. Most importantly (which usually everyone miss), Bridal makeup color needs to be finetuned to look right against the hue of wedding attire. We have specialist bridal makeup artists for this occasion who understands the significance of their work.

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wedding Varmala Themes

As everybody aware of it, Varmala is the moment when heart starts pounding much, breath on hold, eyes widened and smile décor the face of everyone. Time almost stops at this moment. We create this golden moment more glorious & memorable by introducing certain themes. They are: ‹‹ Lotus Theme ‹‹ Space Theme ‹‹ Kalash Theme ‹‹ Book Theme ‹‹ Liberty of Statue Theme ‹‹ London Bridge Theme ‹‹ Crane theme ‹‹Moon Theme ‹‹ Diamond Theme ‹‹ Shell Theme ‹‹ Crane theme ‹‹ Moon entry theme ‹‹ Ambi theme ‹‹ Revolving stage theme ‹‹ Book theme ‹‹ Shell shape theme ‹‹ Hydraulic stage theme ‹‹ Mandir theme ‹‹ Rajwada stage theme ‹‹ Horse carriage theme ‹‹ LED wall theme ‹‹ Open heart theme-Open heart theme .
Or any other theme which is close to your heart & fantasy can be catered after discussion.

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We strongly believe that every event invites guests which deserve a honor, smile and perfect host treatment. But on the D-Day, families of bride & groom are preoccupied with their rituals and ceremonies. So, to extend their representation our well-capable hostess team assures you to manage your close relations & take care of other guests too. A perfect hostess team add glamour, glitter and grace to a wedding. Their decent dress sense, beaming face & charming smile make the wedding environment more live and enthralling. We arrange nice human beings as hostess of your event which brings hospitality to a new high.

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wedding Bartending

With our premier bartending services, we make your evening the most exclusive, sizzling and romantic. Our handpicked bartenders are the most mature, friendly and pleasing bartenders in the industry. They have the knowledge of the newest drinks and jazzy cocktails. Our professional bartenders will be equipped with all the bartending tools essential to operate a bar. All we need is spirits from your side, we will provide the rest. We are licensed and insured. 1. Skilled bartenders. ‹‹ Skilled bartenders ‹‹ Basic bar supplies, tools and accessories ‹‹ Flexible hours ‹‹ Setting up & cleaning up of your bar area ‹‹ Provide excellent, personal, dedicated service with fun .

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Wedding Car Decor

The vehicle on your wedding day is the carriage of your personality and taste. Both the bride and groom at the venue use this vehicle with a new dream, desire and derive. We style your journey with your life partner in a variety of ways as you desire. This could be according to the theme of the wedding, interest of the couple, latest trend of the society or something new and fresh. To give a proper send off to newly wed couple appropriate car décor needs an understanding of aesthetics & good taste. We provide specialized service to serve you on this 'movement moment'.

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Wedding Home Decor

All colors are there in a house where wedding event is taking place. It is a dream coming true for family members alongwith would be bride or groom. Rangolis, outdoor walkway, canopy for mehendi-so on. Our expertise will add colors to your imagination. Our conceptual planning will reflect your individual style with attention to detail. We will use flower garlands and fabric to make your house look like a rainbow. For mehendi or sangeet raat- any theme decoration from pink to fuscia will sprinkle flavor to the occasion.

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Wedding Luxury Car Rental

Marriage is a ceremony programmed in heaven but happens here. Such a unique event is to be enjoyed with something classic and royal. Welcome to the world of exotic and luxury cars. You can travel to your unique relationship in a vintage/luxury car which is a mark of time, grace, style and beauty. We have superior specimen of rental fleet to choose from to make your day very very special. We pamper you to ride a dream car for a great journey, which is about to begin.

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>Wedding Gifts

We are the most trusted name engaged in offering an exclusive quality Wedding Gift Idea. Marriages are made in heaven but thoughtful gifts make them even more special. Our gifts (jewellery , clocks, decorative hand crafted & painted by award winning national artists) are beautifully gift wrapped for the couple & also serve as return gifts for guests. All gifts go out with a product story card detailing how the product is crafted & its care instruction with your personalized message apt for the gifting occasion.

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>Wedding Fire Works

Your wedding is a night to remember. It is love which set the stage ablaze. We will provide amazing firework display that will echo the celebration for years in the mind of guests. Our every firework display is unique. Our professional experts will work with you to plan your display to perfection.

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>Wedding Effects

'Doing differently' is our mantra to put special effects to enhance the event. Technology is a great support to make this occasion special. Specific light arrangement is the key to produce stunning special effects. At the time of the entry of bride, a circle of light follow her presence or during Jaimala, Niagra falls of a stream of light descends from above. Besides this, a realistic script to tell the tale of bride & groom can enliven the environment more deeply. Sometimes, it is the arrangement of the first dance of the newly wed couple. In the background, a special feeling is presented by organizing their favourite song amid low fog or soft soap bubbles. A light beam can give aura to newly wed with their names written across it.

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>Wedding Hospitality

We provide suitable arrangements for hospitality for your out of town guests. Our Hospitality section will take responsibility of your relatives comfortable stay during wedding period. Our staff take care of their everyday needs & make them feel at home. If there are guests who wish to visit the city's historic places and good locations, we will provide the facility for sightseeing also. We provide services like: - ‹‹ Booking hotels, guest houses, inns, lodges etc. for the stay of your guests according to you budget. ‹‹ Some fully furnished apartments/floors or other residential premises can also be arranged (if available) to give the guests all facilities like home. ‹‹ During marriage, extra work at home demands more domestic help. So we arrange good cooks, maids, washerman, drivers, guards etc. to perform the daily tasks and ease your burden. ‹‹ We stack up the refrigerators with necessary requirements like mineral water/ cold drinks/ soda bottles etc. ‹‹ Keep a track record of available accommodations & their occupants. ‹‹ Guests arrivals and departure management. ‹‹ Organize local/ ground transport i.e. hire cars, buses, vans for local daily travel or sightseeing venues. ‹‹ Arrangement of shopping trips for the guests. ‹‹ Hospitality desk set up at the Hotel lobbies. ‹‹ We will arrange for ready to serve meals, snacks and other dry eatables.

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>Wedding Hotel Booking

Once the date of marriage is fixed & the guest lists become final, its time to book hotels for them in advance to save money & trouble. Our team book rooms early and provide you solution within your budget. Our expertise and experience will help you in chalking out discounted priced hotels during you wedding season. We will research hotels within 5-10 km. range of your wedding area to accommodate your guests. We will reserve blocks in hotel to make your guests feel like home. Our team will workout other benefits like complimentary breakfast or drinks with rooms to get more advantage. We will arrange ready snacks & easy transportation besides good hotel accommodation to make your guests feel privileged & honoured.

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>Wedding Honeymoon Packages<

We coordinate honeymoon packages according to the budget, time, taste and safety of the couple. We have variety of range to choose from -a trip to mountains in all their pristine glory, from spending cozy time with peace along the backwaters of Kerala, to enjoy the royal patronage at palace hotels & havelis, for relaxing & healthy retreat at spa resorts or moonlight adventures in a desert or on a sea beach. We understand everyone has different needs. We practically work for these needs to make them reality. We craft such packages which will enhance the beauty & depth of a relationship and at the same time, fulfill the holistic purpose of a honeymoon trip. We give romantic getaways- a new dimension a golden moment to cherish for years!

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